Images by Jen Allan

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Welcome to my website

I am aiming to completely revamp this site during the coming months, so at the moment there is not a lot to look at.

It is my intention to display ALL of my black and white images here, and  some digital art created from my photos.

It is very much a 'work in progress' so it may be some time before there is a lot of content. Unfortunately it has not been possible to continue with this work as previously planned, but I am definitely going to try and make time for both photography and website work in 2017!

Most of the present content will be removed, as soon as I can get something better uploaded. I started a Blog in 2014, intending to post several black and white images a week. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, this has not been possible. I intended to use new images for this, but will have to resort to re-working older ones as and when I can. 

In 2017 I am hoping to improve my websites, and I dedicate the work to my great Canadian friend Al Mierau. I had known him for many years and he taught me (or reminded me of) a lot of techniques I either did not know or had forgotten from film days. I miss him a lot, and sometimes find myself thinking I will send him a photo which I think he would like.

  I will never forget him.